Q: What is the file size limit for uploading?
A: 100 MB

Q: Can I disable a link after I uploaded and shared it?
A: No, currently you cannot disable the link once uploaded.

Q: Can I upload any app I'd like?
A: Absolutely not. rleas policy forbid anyone to upload any app that is harmful or related to any illegal activity or violates any rights. In case such an app will be uploaded, it will be immediately deleted and the uploader will bear responsibility.

Q: For how long will the link be valid?
A: For 3 months

Q: Is there a specific browser I should use?
A: For iPhone you should use Safari only. For Android you can use Chrome or you can try any other.

Q: Do I need any permissions?
A: No

Q: Is the number of installations limited per link?
A: No. You can use the link as many times as you'd like!

Q: On iPhone I get a message saying "Untrusted Enterprise Developer" and I cannot install the app. What should I do?
A: Please read Here what you should do in that case.